Recognizing the Three Key Stages of Nail Fungus Growth

Nail Fungus Growth Stages

Nail fungus is a condition that thousands of Canadians experience each year. And many find that the condition becomes more difficult to treat as it progresses. So in order improve the chances of any treatment being effective, sufferers must recognize the signs of nail fungus growth as they evolve.

Let’s look at the nail fungus growth stages – the Early Stage, the Moderate Growth Stage and Advanced Growth Stage – and what fungus sufferers can watch out for in order to diagnose the symptoms of each stage.

1) Early Stage

Early stage symptoms of toe or fingernail fungus growth are often quite difficult to detect. That’s because, for the most part, sufferers will not feel any pain or discomfort in their hand and foot during this stage. However, there are a few, small, visible signs of fungus growth that, when caught, can help ensure a swift recovery period.

The earliest sign of toe fungus growth is a change in the color of the nail. Sufferers might find that their toe has a white or yellow spot on the edge of the nail. Or there may be yellow streaks across the nail.

These signs might not be obvious to the untrained eye. But by picking out fungus growth during this key stage, sufferers can improve their chances of completely removing the growth.

2) The Moderate Stage

At the mid-level growth stage, those with toe fungus infections might begin to feel a sense of discomfort. Moderate stage fungus growth often presents as a complete change in the colour of the nail.

The nail may also begin to thicken and change shape. Pain will likely become quite apparent as the nail becomes separated from the nail bed. The nail may also begin to grow into the skin as it thickens, causing further discomfort.

3) The Advanced Stage

Those with nail fungus in its advanced stages will be exceptionally aware of the problem. At this stage, the fungus will likely cause the nail to separate from the nail bed completely. The nail will crumble away as the fungus takes hold. And the odour of the fungus will become apparent.

Those suffering from such symptoms must immediately consult with their local area specialist to ensure prompt fungus removal, as treatment options might still be available.

Treatment Options:

When caught in its earliest stages, nail fungus can be treated expertly with the use of laser technology. By utilizing laser technology to heat the pigment in the nail fungus, professionals can kill the organism causing the problem.

But proactive identification is key to ensuring that this treatment is effective in the long-term. Those with probable fungus growth should speak with a specialist before their issue reaches its advanced stages. Treatment success begins with early identification.

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