Popular Myths Around Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

Myths Around Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

Nail fungus can be embarrassing, which is probably why people don’t tend to bring it up in conversation. Its taboo nature, however, has resulted in a number of myths about infections and how to treat them that we’d like to dispel.

Myth #1: Only unhygienic people get toenail fungus.
Simply untrue. Though you might be feeling self-conscious, rest assured that there are many ways to contract an infection, including scratches to the nail, tight shoes, and public spaces. In fact, healthy, athletic people are often more likely to contract nail fungus – or similar infections like athlete’s foot – through activities related to swimming and fitness.

Myth #2: Toenail and fingernail fungus infections are rare.
Actually, about 10% of Canadians will contract a toenail and/or foot fungus infection at some point in their lives. So, you are certainly not alone.

Myth #3: To treat a toenail infection, the nail must be removed.
While medical removal of the nail can treat an infection, it is not your only option. Exposing fungus to air and light effectively strips it of its cozy, moist home. But the procedure can be painful, and the nail may never grow back, which is why in today’s modern world we have other options!

Myth #4: You can’t cure an infection with an oral or topical medication.
False. However, it is true that it can be difficult and time-consuming to do so. These treatments can cause side effects, and you must be dedicated to applying or taking the medication regularly. Remember, the fungal infection lives under the nail and in the surrounding skin; medications must penetrate from the inside or outside to kill the fungi.

Myth #5: Reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet will kill a nail infection.
Unfortunately, not true – but based on sound science. A diet rich in refined sugars (including breads made from white flour, soda, and alcohol) actually help the fungus thrive. So reducing sugar may in fact help when combined with other methods.

The basic truth about nail fungus is that, while uncomfortable, it is curable. The PinPointe™ FootLaser™ provides a new, safe, and effective treatment for nail infection that is approved by Health Canada. For more information contact us at 1-855-NO-FUNGS or visit one of our 5 locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

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