More Tips for Preventing Nail Fungus

Tips for preventing nail fungus
Toenail fungus is a serious issue that can develop slowly in those who are not taking adequate care of their feet. Though it can be unsightly and embarrassing, it’s an extremely common condition, referred to medically as Onychomycosis.

Fortunately, due to the frequency of cases around the globe, medical professionals have studied this condition extensively. This means that there is a great depth of understanding on the root causes of the problem – and simple recommendations to prevent its occurrence.

Tip 1. Ensure Proper Nail Length
Did you know that the length of a person’s nails is one of the leading contributing factors to their chances of getting a fungal infection? In order to reduce those chances, it’s important to know about optimal nail length.

Those with exceptionally long nails are at risk of getting an infection due to bleeding under the nail area. And those that have too-short nails might find that the nail area breaks into the skin, inviting an infection. Regular and careful nail trimming is an important factor for optimal nail health.

Tip 2. Keep Feet Dry
The fungus organism thrives in warm and moist conditions. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep feet dry. To maintain dry feet in the long-term, remember to clean between the toes after bathing. This helps to ensure fungus has a limited space in which to grow.

Tip 3. Avoid Going Barefoot in Public
One of the most common means of transmission for fungal infections is through skin contact in unclean public areas. To avoid it, remember to wear sandals around public pool areas, showers, and locker rooms.

Tip 4. Wear Socks with Synthetic Materials
Socks made from synthetic material (like polypropylene and CoolMax®) can help to wick away the moisture that accumulates in the foot areas throughout a busy day. They are superior in this regard to wool or cotton socks, which often seal in moisture, increasing the chances of a fungal infection.

Those who tend to sweat excessively should also consider changing their socks on a regular basis throughout the day to help prevent moisture build-up.

Tip 5. Bleach Shower Areas Regularly
In-home showers are a breeding ground for mould and other hazardous organisms. It’s important to ensure that these cannot thrive by utilizing a gentle, industry-approved bleaching product. Bleach will kill fungus and other dangerous bacteria and ensure a clean shower space for the entire family.

Carrying out the above preventative measures can help to stave off toenail fungus in the long-term. These proactive prevention tips are considered ideal for helping to keep feet in excellent condition.

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