How does Nail Fungus get into your nail?

Nail fungus in general, and toenail fungus in particular, are considered highly contagious. The fungi that cause nail fungus infections are all around us: in soil, in water, and on our skin. Our natural defenses constantly fight these fungal infections. You can help reduce your chances of contracting a nail infection by avoiding the following:

Damaging the nail or nail bed

Hammers and doors can be very damaging to nails, and any trauma a nail suffers offers an opportunity for fungus to get in under the nail itself, where it can thrive.

Walking in saunas, and gym or swimming pool locker rooms in bare feet

Exposing your unprotected feet to humid, wet environments which are frequented by countless other people will greatly increase your chances of getting a toenail fungal infection.

Using the same towels or cloths that have been used by someone with nail fungus

Someone with nail fungus who uses a towel that is then used by someone else puts the second person at much higher risk of contracting the same type of nail infection.

Going to cheaper nail salons

Manicurists and pedicurists should always wash their hands thoroughly, replace any water used, use a clean bowl for the new water, and sterilize their utensils before tending to a new customer.

Sharing socks and footwear

While fingernails are typically exposed to the air and so are less susceptible to fungal infections, the warm, dark, humid environment within socks and shoes are ideal for fungal growth.

Fingernail and toenail fungus can happen for these and other reasons. If you think you may have nail fungus contact Clear Nail today for your free consultation. Contact us HERE.