Debunking Three More Myths about Nail Fungus

Debunking Myths Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus continues to be a little understood topic amongst Canadians. This limited understanding has caused several myths to emerge on the subject, which mislead people on the potential causes and treatments available. Let’s set the record straight on three myths that continue to persist.

Myth: The Fungus Will Go Away on Its Own if Untreated
This is one of the most common, and dangerous, myths circulating online forums and other areas of personal research. When it is left untreated, the toenail fungus can spread to the sufferer’s fingernails and other areas of their skin. Those that don’t seek treatment proactively will find that their nail thickens and the fungus becomes embedded.

The further along the level of infection, the more difficult the treatment becomes. This means that those who discover the beginning phases of toenail fungus should ignore those who tell them to disregard the issue, and seek immediate treatment from qualified professionals.

Myth: Toenail Fungus Cannot be Cured
This is another myth that can cause people to take an idle approach to resolving their fungus problems. In fact, toenail fungus is curable when the issue is diagnosed and addressed promptly. There are numerous treatments available for toenail fungus, and one of the more recent innovations is laser technology. These treatments are designed to be relatively painless and improve the speed of recovery.

By speaking to professionals on the treatment process, sufferers with toenail fungi will find there are numerous options available to meet their personal care requirements. The worst action one can take is to do nothing.

Myth: Only Unhealthy People Get Toenail Fungus
One of the most stubborn myths is that toenail fungus is somehow related to hygiene. But this simply isn’t true. While keeping nails trim and feet covered in communal areas is an important preventative measure against nail fungus, even those who follow all hygiene rules can get toenail fungus. It’s a problem that affects about 11% of the North American population, the large majority of which were simply unlucky in becoming infected.

If you have nail fungus, it’s imperative to do your research using qualified sources for information. By taking action, based on industry-verified and medically recommended steps, the recovery process for an infection can be quick. Contact Clear Nail for a no-obligation consultation in the GTA by calling 1-800-NO-FUNGS or clicking here.

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