PinPoint Laser Treatment to effectively treat toenail fungus or Onychomycosis

An interview series with Moe Zoladek D.P.M., head of the Clear Nail Laser Centres

Under what conditions will onychomycosis recur after the PinPointe Foot Laser treatment? How can you prevent reoccurrence?
You always have a chance of getting re-infected with any infection, whether it is pneumonia or a cold coming back or conjunctivitis of the eye coming back, or an ear infection. You cannot clear the organism from the body. It is there all of the time. Sometimes it gets in again. We try to prevent recurrence or re-infection by doing several things. First of all we give you a prescription for an anti-fungal. Either a cream or a spray is put on the skin around the nail after a bath. This keeps the skin around the nail fungus free and decreases the chance of fungus getting back into the nail from the skin. We also have you washing with medicated soap like phisohex for about three weeks after you have your first treatment. Most importantly your shoes are infected with the fungus because you put this infected toe and infected foot inside your shoe and the fungus gets into the leather. Fungus is like a mushroom and lives in dark, damp places and it is easy to get your shoe infected. That being the case there are a couple of options for trying to clean this up. One is to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of shoes. Appealing but expensive. The second is a spray; Mycomist. It is better than nothing but not overly effective. The best way to treat this is with an apparatus called a Steri-Shoe. It is a shoe tree with a ultraviolet lamp in it. The shoe tree goes in the shoe, the shoes go in a bag so that the area is dark. You plus this Steri-shoe into the wall and press the on button, it shuts off in forty five minutes and kills 99.4% of all of your germs. So you can sterilize all of your shoes and keep that going. That is the best way to keep your shoes clean. We recommend this to all the patients that undergo fungal laser nail treatment to minimize the chance of re-infection. You do not want to spend money trying to clear this up only to slip your feet into dirty shoes and get re-infected.